Working on your success

Successful law firms stand out from the competition. It’s my job to help you find and improve the things that make your firm different and better for your clients.

What can I do for you?

Leadership teams: are you confident about your current and future position in the market? If you are uncertain, I can help you make sense of things and plan to act accordingly. I can cover firmwide and knowledge strategies, delivery models, differentiation and innovation, and quality assurance.

Knowledge professionals: is your team in the best position to play its part in driving the firm forward? I can work with you on your knowledge strategies and projects, team management, mentoring new knowledge leaders, or knowledge role development.

Marketing/BD teams: are you getting the most from your legal content? I can help you make it more client-friendly. Or we could work together to develop a social media presence that works for your clients and reflects the firm’s culture and values.

In-house legal teams: what are your biggest knowledge problems? If you want your panel firms to collaborate better to support your team, I can help you define what you need and work with the panel to make it happen. I can also advise you on ways of managing your internal know-how.

Law firm suppliers: do you ever need someone to act as an interface or liaison to help firms get the most from your products? If so, I’ll fill that gap for you.

What could you get?

I will give you just the right level of support. That might be a presentation to key individuals, a larger workshop with defined outcomes, or participation in a major project. I can also provide mentoring and continuing support as required. I can work in the way that suits you best. Get in touch using this form, and we can take it from there.

If it turns out that I am not the best person for you, I will help you find the right alternative.

How much will it cost?

I won’t charge you for our initial conversation. That discussion should be useful to help you work out whether I have something that you would find valuable. If so, we can go on to talk about the price for the work. There is no cost to getting in touch.


In addition to the pages describing my services in more detail, you can find out more about me. You can also get a feel for the kind of things I have done in the past in a set of case studies. I have been writing a blog since 2008, and that should give you a sense of the things I think are important and, together with my Twitter feed, will help you assess whether we would work well together. Snippets of the last five blog posts are provided below.