Welcome to Mark Gould Consulting

Mark Gould Consulting helps law firms (and others) improve their capacity to make effective use of knowledge. I am particularly interested in working with firms to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors using their own experience and expertise.

I can work with you on a major strategic project or smaller, more closely focused activities with groups of lawyers or knowledge teams.

More information about the services I offer is provided here.

  • What do I do?
  • Who I do it for?
  • About me
  • Examples of work
    • Knowledge strategy development
    • Leading Professional Support Lawyers and knowledge teams
    • Knowledge support for disaggregated processes
    • Using knowledge to reduce practice risk
    • Bridging the gap between lawyers and IT
    • Making good use of social software
    • Technology-enabled work processes
    • Post-merger review and integration of knowledge and information services

More detail about most of these examples is provided in a set of case studies, with the consent of the firm concerned.

I also have an introductory offer. Use me for a day. If you then want to use me again, the cost of that day will be deducted from the larger engagement. If we don’t do any further work together, it will only cost you a day’s consulting fee.

For many years I wrote an irregular blog under the title “Enlightened Tradition”. I am carrying that on, and those posts (new and old) will give you an insight into my perspective on work and organisations, especially law firms.

If anything here interests you, get in touch.